Having a bundle of blossoming flowers to come home to during these warm months is one of the best and most exciting feelings. Not only do fresh flowers provide beautiful vibrant visuals to brighten up your home, they also give off the wonderful summer fragrance.
While Royal Flower is better known for our Eternity Roses, we also provide the perfect fresh flower bouquets and boxes for any occasion. Royal Flower is much more than just a flower shop. Our designers create special arrangements with a large variation of greenery, fillers, and flowers for each and every special order.
During these beautiful warm summer months a whole new variety of flowers become available from all over the world. Native to Asia, the chrysanthemum, dusty miller, gardenia, ginger, iris, lily, and peonies plants and flowers have been seasonal favorites. From South America a collection of alliums, alstroemerias, freesias, and gerbera daisies have added a lively and energetic touch to our beautiful fresh flower arrangements. The birds of paradise, calla lilies, and cockscomb which are native to Africa provide the wonderful greenery and color that creates a brimful array. From Europe comes the heather, lavender, lilac, and sunflowers which are classics all year long. And from our home in North America there are the butterfly weed, cosmos, and black-eyed susan’s that give every bundle the home-y feel. Some other flowers that are blooming during the summer season from all over include cornflowers, dahlias, orchids, lisianthus, delphiniums, tweedia, and much much more.
From Asia, Europe, North America, and northwestern Africa come the beautiful collections of roses. Roses are a classic for any season or any occasion that provide incredible visuals and wonderful scents. Here at Royal Flower we have an abundance of fresh roses brought in with every new shipment of all. It is important to understand that each rose is one of a kind and that they all have their own unique stories and meanings. The traditional red roses represent love, romance, passion, commitment, and desire. They are perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, or really anything as they provide an opportunity to show somebody special that they are loved deeply. Pink roses have become a staple of femininity as they represent poise and elegance. That being said, they also represent thankfulness and appreciation, just some of the reasons why they are perfect to show anybody just how much they mean to you. White roses are reflective of purity, respect, innocence, youthfulness, and devotion. They are idyllic for new beginnings while maintaining their meaning throughout life. They can also be adapted in use for funerals and memorials as they amount to respect, goodness, and peace which help us mourn the loss of a loved one while celebrating the life that they lived. Yellow roses represent happiness, friendship, caring, and affection. These bright roses are blissful beyond compare as they provide the eye catching effect that some of the conventional colours provide. They also bestow upon a gorgeous burst of vivid colours to your home that will always take you back to the ravishing sunlight of the summer months.
Royal Flower designers are always coming up with new ideas to spread the joy that these beautiful fresh flowers provide.
Though summer is the season that fresh flowers are most popular, it is in these hot months that the flowers tend to wilt faster. This is because not only does the warm weather cause the water to evaporate quicker, but it also creates the perfect environment for bacteria to grow and while the shiny sun is a lovely break from the gloomy winter and fall, the flowers do not like direct sunlight.

However, just because flowers are said to wilt faster during the summer doesn’t mean they have to! Royal Flower has some tips and tricks to help you keep your flawless posy of flowers alive and thriving:

  1. Make sure none of the leaves are in the water because when sitting in water they rot and spread the decomposition to the entire stem and eventually the flower.
  2. Remove any of the leaves or petals that are already beginning to wilt or rot. This will prevent the bacteria from spreading to the rest of the plant.
  3. All of the stems must be in the water so that each and every flower can get the food they need. Cold water also helps to keep the flowers alive longer.
  4. Change the water in the vase every other day. This prevents a buildup of bacteria in the water that is feeding your flowers.
  5. Keep the arrangement away from direct sunlight. While they do need sunlight to bloom, direct sunlight creates a high humidity level which decreases the plants ability to create food for itself via photosynthesis.
  6. Only use about a teaspoon of flower food. Too much will cause them to bloom and therefore die faster.

This advice is not only for the flowers but also for you to enjoy their beauty with us here at Royal Flower Boutique see you soon!

We also wanted to let you know that we do same day delivery throughout Etobicoke as well as Canada-wide shipping. We also ship throughout the United States as well. This flower shop wants to help you get flowers for any occasion you have. Weather to be our eternal roses and eternity rose boxes, or our fresh flower arrangements, Royal Flower is here for you.