Royal Flower specializes in eternity roses fresh flowers are also something that is very popular amongst Royal Flower Team our Royal Flower Team costumers are often referred to as a Royal flower pics as truly once you buy your special someone a bouquet of flowers from Royal Flower Team they will be so happy with the presentation in which they careful team at Royal Flower Team and selects the freshest roses and other flowers to place in a bouquet that’s carefully hand tied and wrapped in a way that showcases the true beauty of the flowers that you’ll forget any other flower shop in Toronto that’s open for delivery and for pick up six days a week. And fresh flowers royal far also have a unique complimentary gift for $50 that are the most exquisite body candle that anybody’s I have ever laid eyes on. Animals have been handcrafted specifically for a Royal flower boutique I cannot be found anywhere else within the GTA with the quality and care the royal flower provides when packing your candles and making them ready to stage in your house to be beautiful and enjoy it through the eyes of anybody who steps into your house and she is your beautiful royal candle atop any display. With unique names Arion Male candle signifies the beauty of the male body in three different colors pure ivory mocha brown and midnight sky black the body of the Arian royal Candle can be enjoyed by anybody who has the pleasure of purchasing this humble piece of art for gift giving or simply even for a house decoration. Next we have the Aphrodite candle which truly showcases the body of a sexy and voluptuous woman such as the goddess Aphrodite herself compelling people with love our candle named the Aphrodite royal Candle truly embodies the beauty of a woman’s body all for $49 Canadian dollar which can visualize what the love is being given to buy gifting a Aphrodite royal candle. Next we have our Asal royal Candle! The cutest of the bunch this sultry candle is playful in style showcasing the nude body of a elegant and celebrated woman. This candle truly gives off the playful vibe that signifies the healthiness of the body as well as the healthiness of a relationship in which the giving of the Asal Royal candle would be a significant mile stone as a beauty can be celebrated as eternally as Royal Flower Team Eternity rose box rangement! If you have never heard of Royal Flower Team there’s no need to be alarmed as we are definitely expanding our horizons to ensure that every Torontarian Has the exquisite in special chance to

experience Royal Flower Team for themselves located in Etobicoke flowers are readily available I Royal flower for everybody in the GTA and surrounding areas as well as all over north America including any address within the United States of America as well as any address in Canada we shipped to Montreal we shipped to Vancouver we shipped to British Columbia we ship to Nevada we shipped to Vermont we ship to California we shipped to any state and province that you can imagine! Shipping flowers all over North America is one of our many prizes that can be obtained, however we do have one last candle in an hour new unique luxury gifts that will wow anybody and this is the aurora candle. The Aurora candle also does come in mocha brown midnight sky black as well as pure ivory and what’s special about the aurora candle although it’s already very unique by being a candle only sold our royal flower the Aurora candle embodies the pregnant figure of a woman as she brings life and this candle truly is a celebration of life which can be even further celebrated by giving it as a gift for a baby showers for birthdays to celebrate the birth of a new child to celebrate a woman’s pregnancy and overall just an admirable shape that the human body takes when it is about to bring new life into our gracious world. New beginnings happen at Royal Flower Team when giving an eternal rose or a royal candle these moments and memories of these gifts been given can be shared forever and ever and therefore can ultimately be the source of happiness when taking a look at the Royal Flower roses or the Royal Flower Team handles truly relive the moments of when you were happiest receiving the gift!

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