Valentine’s Day is one of the most important days of the year. It’s the time to express your feelings for your significant other and tell your boo you will love them for an eternity. As the best flower shop in Toronto, we have to suggest a date night in the city. A romantic dinner on the lake or with a view of the city’s skyline is perfect, such as Kost. To top off the night, we suggest a getaway at Bisha’s Hotel, which is the hotel rooftop Kost sits on, with a romantic touch of rose petals consuming the room. However, rose petals do not suffice. You must gift your significant other with something that shows your love is eternal. So why not express your love by giving them eternity roses? Here at Royal Flower Boutique, we specialize in the production of eternity roses. We have so many options for you to choose from. From a variety of colors and designs, the options are limitless. What’s better than a rose box symbolizing your love that your partner will get to keep practically forever? Our eternity roses last for at least 3 years. Of course the winter months are often busy and hectic to get through. Keeping that in mind, you can browse and place an order from our website, or dm us on Instagram You can also give us a call at 647-245-2650 or 647-885-2567. We do flower delivery across the GTA and around the world .Our key sellers are our eternity roses however. They are unlike any other flowers you can give to someone as they are flowers in a box that someone can keep for years. With so many colors to choose from and designs, we are the best flower shop in Toronto. For example, we have gold flowers. They are one of our most eye-catching roses to choose from. What’s a better gift than an eternal rose to signify your eternal love for someone? You can’t go wrong with flowers. Not only do we offer in-person purchases, you can order roses online in Canada, America, and Europe as well.