“Why Sexy Men Deserve Sexy Flowers”

Living in the 21st century, it’s time that we reverse gender roles and stereotypes and give men flowers, as they deserve. Our flower shop is here to help you do just that.
Scientifically, flowers are known to increase levels of serotonin, dopamine as well as oxytocin, the chemicals in our brain that make us happy. Both men and women contain these in our brains. As women, we truly know the enjoyment and especially how loved we are and the feeling or receiving flowers. Why not help all the men of our precious world feel this love by the simple gift of flowers for MEN. Based on historical research, it is known that our ancestors during the Hunter-Gatherers era said that flowers were a sign of spring and the new harvest that would arrive during this time therefore, even in history men were excited by the visuals and beauty of flowers.  
Masculinity is only empowered within men when women do their part and show their appreciation for them which can beautifully be represented through the gifting of stunning breathtaking floral arrangements that can be found only at royalflower.ca and royalflowerusa.com where we are ready to assist you in finding the most beautiful and heartfelt flowers and much more to be gifted to those special men in your life. Royal flower provides flowers across Etobicoke with reliable same day shipping. The best flower shop in Toronto also provides Canada and US wide shipping so that you can get HIM the perfect floral gift.
Ladies, please know that it is the most ladylike feature within us to be supportive and show our strength by being proud and showing that switching the gender role of gifting flowers is not only a positive affect in this world, but it’s even more empowering to our femininity to understand that women have the admirable ability to give flowers to men, not only to receive, but to give as well. Giving men flowers not only makes them feel just as special as they are to us,
 but to acknowledge that not only do we need men in this world, and that they do need us as well. 
When thinking of a gift for your man on National Men’s Day on November 19, 2022. Royal Flower is never far away! We ship all over Canada and the US to give flowers for international men’s day to support positive effects on both mental health and changing societal standards for the better by gifting sexy men the sexy flowers they deserve on every occasion. 
As essential as men are to our society, flowers are also as unique and delicate in an intricate and very strong way. Delicate things require intricate amounts of focus to be able to treat them with the correct care they need. Another way to respect this aspect of the men of our world is to give them the gift of delicate and luxurious flowers, such as real flowers, Eternity Roses that last three years that can be enjoyed for 600+ days without watering, without the need of light, but not without love and passion that is given to the flowers when they are handcrafted by Royal Flower designers who make the flowers ready to be gifted to those of any gender and especially gifted from women to men or even from men to other men to show their appreciation for each other which can never be better expressed than giving flowers to men as a special gift of admiration, and enjoyable for all.
At Royal Flower we know it’s time to change the stereotypes that men should only get flowers for women. This is an old tradition that we will reverse and make it so that women feel free and open to gifting men flowers for every occasion whether you’re gifting Royal Flower Eternity Roses for your man‘s birthday, your dad‘s birthday, or for your parents anniversary, make sure to give all those sexy men in your life the sexy flowers from Royal Flower that they truly deserve. Join us at Royal Flower, gifts and flowers for all men and women alike. This flower shop wants to help you give HIM the perfect rose box or any other floral arrangement you think he’ll appreciate. Contact us today for your free consultation. We are here to help you pick out the perfect present of flowers in a box for your man.