As we move on from the spooky October season, we let the heart of fall take over, in the enchanting month of november. The cool and crisp air settles into our daily lives, as well as the warm earthy tones of the orange and yellow leaves, it all leaves a person in awe with the color scheme that makes us “fall” for November every year! While looking for a gift to give during this month, think of Royal Flower. Our eternity roses can last through the fall season, warming up the inside of any space as decor to fill up the hole missing now that the warmth is gone from outside. Cool and crisp November being the month of thanksgiving to many around the globe gives all the more reason to have fall themed bouquets of flowers to celebrate the beauty of saying thanks during November’s thanksgiving festivities! Everyone experiences fall in a way that is unique to one’s self! Luckily, Royal Flower has eternity rose boxes and fresh arrangements that make their way into any occasion you may have in November where eternity roses and flowers are a necessity to lift spirits! Find out the potential of beauty that can be found with eternity roses during the month of November. Truly the heart of the fall season! Real roses that last a year, is what you can expect at Royal Flower, also be sure to look for Rose bears, small acrylic rose boxes, evil or flower boxes, rose boxes with the letter R or any alphabet made out of roses, teddy bears and other stuffed animals, promise ring boxes, black roses, much more that the heart desires! November brings joy to those who love to embrace fall and it’s truest form. The compassion those who are born in fall carry with them can be rewarded and gifted by their partners who have the wondrous opportunity to purchase roses that live for one year at minimum in 1 million different types of rose boxes including ombre roses with all over GTA and Canada luxury flower delivery based in our shop that is also available online at!

Eternity roses are just as versatile as the month of november as not only are they available in the traditional colors of the fallen leaves, red, yellow, and orange. The month of November that not

only is dedicated to fall seasonal festivities but also, a time to remember those whom we adorn ourselves with poppies for during “Remembrance day” on November 11th. Preserving our memories in good faith is a good reason to keep precious memories for an eternity. November may be a late season to expect blooms from the flower that reigns over the garden. However “a flower does not use words to Announce its arrival to the world; it just blooms”. The perfect way to describe the late blooms of garden roses that we sometimes have the honour of witnessing, Turning the pages of the dark too soon, And soon to be snowed upon in the month of November into a window of chance to see such miraculous late blooms of November. Eternity roses are not the only thing that are found at Royal Flower Team the month of November you can also find expertly wrapped hand tied bouquets ranging in three different sizes between small medium and large! A small size bouquet can be found for $50 while a medium can be found for 80 and we are also offering a large bouquet of fresh flowers for $100. During the month of November it is also important to make sure we are all protected from not only the bad weather but also from the bad spirit of people. You can do so by having an evil eye planted rose eternal box delivered throughout any area in the GTA or surrounding right from our shop in Toronto. Royal flowers in Toronto is the first shop that sells flowers near you and especially flowers at last a year including within the month of November. To find a florist in November, never be shy to look up Royal Flower. We are here for you for all your florist and flower delivery and eternity rose needs.

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